Assignment 4: Essay

1. During the episode Kevin was in the ICT class when he had a seizure. Assuming that you are the teacher of Kevin, think and write the below: 

(a)   What adaptations you need to do in order to minimize the possibilities that Kevin will experience seizures?

(b)   Write recommendations regarding how you will ensure the safety of the child when he is in the class.

2. Write the strategies that you will use to support epilepsy awareness in the class with age-appropriate materials.

3. During the episode Kevin’s friend was worried about him and he was insisting to know what happened to his friend. How did the teacher handle the situation? Exchange ideas with your colleagues and write a possible plan of actions regarding how to handle similar situations:

a. A child who is really worrying about his friend, as in the scenario

b. A child who starts crying because he/she got afraid seeing his classmate experiencing a seizure

4. Kevin is a child with communication difficulties and he needed to use a device to communicate his thoughts. Make a list of symbols that you will use with any child who might have difficulties to communicate verbally during an accident at school.